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Finding the right frames and lenses will improve the way you look and live. The staff at House of Eyes are trained to help you choose the perfect frames and lenses. Everyone’s face is shaped differently so House of Eyes offers a wide selection of different shaped and colored frames to compliment your features.

Everyone’s lifestyle is unique! House of Eyes offers a variety of lenses to suit any lifestyle. We have lenses that help reduce glare, protect your eyes from Ultra-Violet damage as well as protect against scratches and are easy to clean. Our selection of anti-reflective, glare coated lenses will help eye fatigue - a common problem among people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer or under harsh fluorescent lights. Anti-reflective lenses also help individuals who have difficulty driving at night because of glare created by oncoming headlights.

Visit House of Eyes today and one of our associates will be glad to show you our many selections. We have choices from all major eyewear manufacturers. If you need safety glasses because you work with dangerous equipment or if you need a pair of PRADA's to go with that killer outfit... we have your eyes covered!



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